1307 S. Wabash


Japanese, Sushi, Steak




Contemporary, trendy. Definitely not your standard sushi bar.


Excellent. Very prompt and attentive wait staff. It should be noted that it was a Thursday night and the dining room was half full.

I ordered the Heavens Door sake which started with a heavy chocolate flavor that would immediately vanish as you were trying to determine what it was. My wife had the Pride of the Village which was a crisp fruity flavor — not overpowering.
We started with a california roll (it is a standard that we use to baseline new sushi restaurants) which had real crab meat, avocado, roe and sesame seeds. My wife also had tako (octopus). Both were better than average quality. We are both looking forward to returning to try other sushi.
For our entrees, I had the Cripsy Whole (Yokuzuna) Bass and my wife had the Sirloin Steak. Our server (Angelique) recommended presenting the bass and then having the chef filet it — a wonderful idea. The presentation of the bass was excellent. Its flavor was subtle with a hint of spice tacked on the end and the skin remained surprisingly crispy thoughout the meal. The delicate flavor made this a perfect dish for me. My wife’s steak was served with melted wasabi cheese served with pea shoots and a garlic oyster sauce. My wife is not a cheese lover so that was not her personal favorite but overall it was quite tasty.
For dessert my wife had the Saiko chocolate which was a flourless chocolate cake topped with green tea cheese cake accompanied by mint ice cream on the side. Unfortunately the chocolate completely overwhelmed the flavors (not that that’s a bad thing) but it would have been better if the green tea was a better complement. I had the Fuji Apple Tart which combined a delicate apple tartlet with ginger ice cream with caramel drizzled on the side. Being an apple tart lover this was an exceptional choice.


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