“The common belief that we gain ‘historical perspective’ with increasing distance seems to me to utterly misrepresent the actual situation. What we gain is merely confidence in generalization that we would never dare to make if we had access to the real wealth of contemporary evidence.”

Otto Neugebauer



  1. sir,
    i am intrested in software engineering history.so plz send me a mail about history of software engineering.i will always grateful to you for this act.
    Trilock chand saini

  2. dear sir,
    i want to know about data struture design in early 1970 & strture analysis in late 1970.please send me detalis.
    thank you..

  3. It looks like people are doing a search for “history software engineering” and coming up with this article, which, if you actually read it, has nothing what so ever to do with the history of software engineering.
    Since I’m not going to do someone else’s homework for them and since things like wikipedia exist for research purposes, I going to close this entry to further comments. Sorry.

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