The List

I am a big fan of movies — especially independent and foreign. Nary a week will go by that I wont see a previously unseen movie. I always send a quick email or IM to friends about the movie and if they should see it or not. On more occasions than I can count, people have asked me to post a list of these movies. I’ve been avoiding doing this out of sheer laziness for quite some time, but after unintentionally seeing the same movie twice, the final shoe has dropped.

What would a movie list be without some ordering or structure? I’m firmly against the starring system used in the industry. It has a tendancy to downplay or misrepresent wonderful movies. For example, how can you use the same “quality” rating system to compare:

  • Shrek 2 A recent feature that has everything that one could ask for in animated movie: you laugh, you cry and you spend a good deal of time thinking about what movie is being spoofed.
  • The Deer Hunter A chilling tale about life after being a prisoner of war.
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation A poignant depiction of a family’s cross country roadtrip.

Clearly, putting Vacation and Deer Hunter into the same quality category would be a crime against nature. Or even attempting to compare the comedic aspects of Shrek 2 and Vacation would leave one or the other standing in the mud. But when all is said and done, all three movies are a must see.

I will adopt the following structure:

  • Must See: Not all of these movies will be “good” movies in the traditional sense (the 60’s did some downright painful things in the wardrobe, set and music deparements) but they all have qualities that make them required viewing material.
  • Should See: These movies didn’t make the cut into the must see list but are still movies with exceptional traits.
  • If You Have the Time: If it’s a Tuesday night and you have nothing better to do, watch these movies. They are by no means bad.

Movies that I just don’t care for will not be present in the list. So how does one distinguish between a movie that has not yet been added and one that is just not on the list (*cough* Lord of the Rings)? You don’t. It’s just one of those gambles in life.

And so, without further ado, The List.

Must See

Should See

If You Have the Time

Still need to be categorized


  • –>

    This list is by no means static. I will add to it as time permits. Also, it’s possible for movies to change categories.


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