Shocking revelation

I was talking with another developer the other day and he revealed an interesting piece of information: he believed that comments and code style were a matter of personal choice. To me this was like believing that the world was flat and then having someone say that it’s round. All of that time I spent perplexed wondering why I couldn’t see things from long distances over a “flat” plane finally become crystal clear. Learning that developers may believe comments and code style are a matter of personal choice has allowed me to understand and put into perspective a number of other conversations that I have had with developers.

Hypothesis 1.1

Code comments and style are a function of quality.

This is currently my running hypothesis that I am attempting to prove through empirical evidence. My non-scientific research has shown it to be true. The difficulty in firmly establishing quantitative evidence for this hypothesis stems from the fact that, for example, diligently and effectively commenting code intrinsically changes ones approach to coding. In other words, you cannot separate out the processing of adding and maintaining comments without changing the nature of how one programs.


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