More NIO depression

In my persuit of a 1.4 NIO + SSL solution I had a momentary glimmer of hope in SSLServerSocket.getChannel(). This would allow me to registed an accept Selector to watch for connections and then I could use the SSL server socket to accept them. Unfortunately, the javadocs for getChannel() read:

A server socket will have a channel if, and only if, the channel
itself was created via the method.

This was confirmed with a trivial test. At first I thought that I was cut off at the knees. I now believe that I have been cut off at the torso.

I should mention that because of

IllegalBlockingModeException - if this socket has an associated
channel, and the channel is in non-blocking mode.

I would have been screwed in any case but at least getting at the channel would have made me feel better.

Link-back to main entry: NIO and SSL.


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