Some quick notes on JMX and XML descriptors.

I don’t see anything about standardizing the XML format which is very surprising. Personally, I think the XMBean looks the most palatable.

Currently there is only XDoclet support for XMBean. Modeler 1.1 mentions future XDoclet support. JMX is one of the few “Rob approved” XDoclet uses since it is not a “let’s use a new technology everywhere it could possibly be applicable and more often than not, not applicable” case (we’ll save that rant for another day).

Update (August 13th)

My XDoclet statements above may be a bit misleading. The JMX XDoclet task will write out standard JMX interfaces (which is very convenient). It will also write out XMBean and JBoss <servicefile>-service.xml files (along with a few other things). I don’t want to give the impression that there is no XDoclet support for standard MBeans. And yes, I’m confusing XDoclet tag support with XDoclet Ant task support, but to me and the way I use them, they’re completely coupled and without one, the other is uninteresting.


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