Are we doing it again?

Kris mentioned something that I hear all the time in regards to SOA’s:

it’s probably something you could implement using reliable JMS topics

(I’m pulling this slightly out of context but it’s relevant regardless.) To developers that have kept their eyes open for at least part of the past few years, SOA’s will be “yeah, so what?” or “I can just do / I am already doing that with [blah]“. For example, an enterprise service bus (ESB) can be considered to be MOM (message oriented middleware).

Is “ESB” just another TLA (three letter acronym) that business people use to make themselves appear to be more intelligent? Maybe just a little. But really it’s wrangling in a whole bunch of existing ideas (and some new ones like WS-*) and putting it under one umbrella. So if you get that deja-vu feeling you shouldn’t feel uneasy.

Rather than spouting out more goop, just the links below to get you a feel for what’s going on:


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