Noise cancelling PC

Given the capabilities of most PC’s (internal speaker, microphone, a good deal of available processing power) it seems reasonable that software can be written to cancel out the noise from a PC. To go a step further, it seems reasonable that a card can be created to detect noise from within the PC case and cancel it out (even if this required a small external speaker that needed to be mounted on the case). The hardware solution would not consume any CPU processing or the microphone port. I would glady pay $20 – $30 for this service.



  1. you could probubly build a circuit to run on the 12 volt molex which would not require a pci card, yet would require considerable electronics skill. i am currently looking for schematics to build an internal noise cancelling device for my PC. if you happen to find such a card as you are describing, then please contact me at

  2. Hi,
    I would be verry intrested in any products or methords you have an idea for using. If you come up with a solution please email me as i am very intrested in this concept. Especially seeing that the market for these sorts of items is only just becommin aware to the public.
    Anyway, I would love to hear from you.

  3. Please add me to your list of people to noitify if you come up with this solution. I’ve got a really loud rack mounted server that I would love to quite down.

  4. The new Acura TL has a noise canceling feature. A couple of microphones in the cabin pick up low frequency noise that is countered by inaudible low frequencies produced by the car’s speakers. They claim to lower noise by 10dB.

  5. I’ve see cheap noise canceling headphone circulating around in auctions site. I plan to buy it, modified the output to an amplified speaker and put them in PC Case. We’ll see how much those hardware can help eliminate the fan/hdd noise.

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