Monkey testing

I have read a number of articles in the past few days on what is commonly called “monkey testing”. The name comes from the old saying: “A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters will eventually type out the entire works of Shakespeare.”

I felt compelled to do a little research into the origins of the monkey saying and found the Infinite monkey theorem. From this I found the The Monkey Shakespeare Simulator which appears to be a better use for my spare CPU cycles than checking for extraterrestrial intelligence (grin).



  1. I think monkey testing is nothing but the testing for which we do not need any test case design.It is a sort of adhoc testing.

  2. What is Monkey Testing and where is it used?
    What is Smoke Testing and it’s need???
    What Are Low Severity and High Priority Bug??? With examples

  3. hello sir
    Give me the full detalis of testing tools so that i can prepare my own because am finacially weak please consider this comment and send me detals about TESTING TOOLS.

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