New Testing Forum Available

Over the past few months I have been swamped with questions concerning testing and quality assurance. I never believed that a blog was a good mechanism for asking and responding to questions so I have made a new forum available.

Software Engineering

Currently there is only a forum for QA and Testing. As the need arises or if people ask, I will create new forums for software engineering topics.

A huge thank you goes out to Igor who set up the forum and does all of my system administration. Thanks Igor!



  1. Hi all
    I got some problem, while executing Winrunner scripts.
    1) My application contains two pages each page contains 40 textfields.
    2) I got a problem in my second page of an application.
    3) In my second page,
    i got ONE LABEL AND TWO TEXTBOXES(textfield1 and textfield2)
    4) My data was coming from Excell sheet.
    5) I need my data should enter in texfield2.
    6) if i do STEP BY STEP then my data was entered in textfield2.
    7) if i run a script from the top from 1st page then it will enter into textfield1.
    8) I tried (“”),code i can enter into textfield2, but it will effect by WORKFLOW an application.
    9) i am using WR 7.6 version and 2000 professional
    i know every body say it is basic question but it is not.
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  2. in my one of the flssh project.when i place the cursor in the login window it is continuously blinking.not stable.i post this as bug.but they are make it is invalid and they replied for flash projects it is commen and we dont know how to devolop with out blinking. so is it a bug or not plz post with details

  3. i need help..does anybody know the tool for UML based statistical test case generation….
    if so pls contact me through the mail… awaiting for reply.. its my main project… help me

  4. Is there any tutorial or step-by-step procedure to integrate cruisecontrol,maven and selenium testing tool.
    I have my code versions stored in SVN(subversion version tool)and i have build tool maven.I am doing functional testing using selenium IDE.
    I am using cruisecontrol to integrate all this things. Can anyone help me out.

  5. i need help on answering a black and white box testing question..
    Please Help
    A single element buffer can hold an integer number from the following range: -5 to 5.
    If the buffer is ‘empty’, a number can be inserted to the buffer, but deletion results in an error. If the buffer is ‘full’, a number cannot be inserted (i.e. an error should be reported), but deletion will work (i.e. the number stored in the buffer will be removed).
    Consider two operations on such a buffer: insert(number) and delete.
    A pseudo code for delete is given below:
    if status==empty then error
    else { status=full;
    if content0 then write (“positive”)
    else write (“zero”) }
    (i) Use a ‘black box’ approach to generate test cases for insert(number).
    (ii) Use a ‘white box’ approach to generate test cases for delete. You are also required to draw a control graph for this operation.

  6. Can any one please help me. I have ajob interview for tester role,this is my first interview. My Question is:
    How would you describe you are a good tester/test analyst?
    What needs tester.
    I’m looking for yor answer…Please

  7. Multiple Answer Quiz on QTP & Software Testing
    Hi Friends,
    Welcome to the Online Multimedia Quiz to perform a Self Assessment of your Skills of QTP. Each Quiz offers a set of 20 nos. of Multiple Choice Questions, answers of which can be reviewed at the end of the Quiz. Set of all questions along with their respective Right / Wrong Answers can be viewed by clicking on the Dotted / Vertical Button on the Right side of the Quiz Window Pane.
    Please keep the speakers of your PC ON while running the Quiz
    Please use the following Link to start the online quiz

  8. Interview Questions Bank – QTP & Software Testing
    Hi Friends,
    Here you can find more than 200 strong Questions on QTP 9.5 + Hundreds of questions on HP Load Runner + General Software Testing, which shall be your Highway to success in your interview.
    Please use the following link to access the open vault of Interview preparation Questions
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  9. Hi everybody,
    Pliease tell me how to test effictively for testing website.
    what are important things of a website?
    i would like to known what is a tool for testing website?

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  11. Once an American businessman, Robert Half said: “Not admiring a mistake is a bigger mistake”. For every success detailed process modeling is very important and in order to verify such a designed process meet its requirements fully is most crucial. Similary for any software to be effective, through testing is required to eliminate any bugs. In order to know more details about bugs visit | All about Bugs!

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