Outlook Email

If you’ve ever tried to report SPAM with Outlook 2003 then you know what a pain it is to get the full message header. Outlook 2003 also lacks the “Forward As Attachment”. This source provides information on how to view the full message source. This source provides information on how to forward messages as attachments (look toward the bottom of the thread).

If you’re using Outlook and wondering why you’re still get image-based SPAM even though you have images turned off then you might want to read this source. There is some information here as to ways to filter out this type of SPAM.



  1. Having worked for large service providers as an incident coordinator, I would encourage your readers to not report any TOS violations by email that is forwarded as an attachment. Inline, plain text email will still get the quickest, if any, response.

  2. The problem is that just forwarding the email (in Outlook at least) does not include the full message header making it nearly impossible to make more than a cursory attempt at defeating the SPAM. What type of incidents can be handled with just the minimal header?

  3. Without a header, most NSP’s won’t even open up a ticket. But that’s not to say much: when they do, 90% simply send complaints to the great big devnull drainage ditch.

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