I don’t know about the rest of you but my parents baffle me. When working with them on issues that crop up from time to time I try to view them as two average people so that I can be objective about the situation and not allow decisions to be marred by emotion. The recent situation that has arisen (and caused me to write this entry) revolves around my parent’s view of planning. The way my parent’s approach a difficult and potentially costly planning problem is to simply worry. “Huh?!?” you may be thinking. You read that right. Their solution to the a problem involving planning (and in fact most problems) is to worry. What’s funny (in an ironic sense) is that their “solution” tends to lead to the worst, most costly and most stressful conculsions which leads them to worry more.

I could elborate further on this topic but I’m still in the head shaking phase (i.e. “denial”). Yargh!


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  1. That’s a thing that happens when you have kids though. Some sort of lobe in the brain just shuts off. I think it happens that 5 minutes before conception, and lasts a lifetime!

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