Suffering Fools Gladly

The gifted child frequency begins to feel different, alienated and alone in a world of different views and values. . . . Much of the surrounding world may seem irrational, and many people with whom they must deal, even those in positions of authority, think slowly by comparison and appear to act foolishly. . . . Meanwhile the gifted child finds that he can see a reasonable solution to a problem much more quickly than they. It can be frightening for the child to realize the world seems to be in the hands of these sometimes incompetent adults.

. . . . The child may seriously question her own worth, or the worth of others who are less gifted. She may be plagued by feelings of sadness, anger, depression and anxiety. She may wonder whether life is worth living in a world in which she so clearly does not fit. Her world seems full of banalities, platitudes, cliches and simple-minded thinking, and apparently obvious solutions are never tried, or may be blocked by short-sighted people concerned with their immediate self-interest. If she feels that because of her gifts she must assume the lion’s share of the burden of improving the lot of mankind, the odds may seem overwhelming.

Guiding the Gifted Child — Webb, Meckstroth, Tolan


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