The Gifted Adult

Some characteristics of a gifted adult:

  • Advanced problem solving/reasoning abilities
  • Inquisitive with unusual and insatiable curiosity
  • Overwhelming need to know and seek out underlying truths
  • Bothered by aromas, noises, lights, and/or textures that most people ignore
  • Early or avid reading ability
  • Rapid learning ability
  • Excellent memory
  • Intense concentration and long attention span in areas of interest
  • Compassion for others and feels wounded by injustices and suffering
  • Perfectionist with very high self-standards
  • High energy and intensity
  • Moral sensitivity and desire for moral integrity
  • Overwhelmed by the need to create
  • Diverse interests and abilities
  • Well-developed sense of humor that centers on intricate teasing, subtle jokes or puns
  • Keen powers of observation and readily sees cause-effect relations
  • Vivid imagination and maintained childlike sense of playfulness and wonder
  • Tends to question rules and authority
  • Cannot switch off thinking

You must read these in the context of “this defines me” rather than “yeah, I’ve experienced that”.

The list was combined from multiple sources:


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