The Source of Giftedness

. . . Gifted children perceive in ways that are different in kind and degree than others, their heightened receptivity make them . . . capable of automatically detecting even the slightest change in their external environment. This heightened receptivity is present from the earliest stages of development and later gives rise to the urge to perfect . . . . They also possess an innate sense of how things should be and not just how they are . . . .

The only way to manifest what is the norm for someone with such a highly sensitive sensory apparatus and vision of how things ought to be in a world that seems radically out of sync is to be intense, complex and driven . . . . What if one of our most fundamental needs is to have things be just so? What do we do if our precise sense of proportion sets of an alarm in our heads . . . ? We stop, assess, and start over, again and again, until we get it right. And we don’t do this so much by choice but because of a mandate from somewhere both inside and outside ourselves. Unless you’ve experienced this urge to prefect and are a hot receptor yourself, it is difficult to make clear how fundamentally a part of a gifted person’s core personality these . . . traits are and how much they affect their overall development.

The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius


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